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“The Greatest Privilege:” Spending Time with a Dying Patient

Written by Sarah Gardner ’15
I went to see him every single morning, and pretty much just sat next to his bed and let him talk. Asking him the usual review of systems questions, outside of whether he was comfortable or not, seemed a waste of time. He was struggling with trying to make a decision: Should I go through chemotherapy? Should I get radiation? Should I do nothing? I dutifully listened to him, confident only in the fact that I had none of the answers.

A Lesson From Within: Palliative Care with the Noyana Singers

Written by Marissa Mendez ’15
Dying is such a sacred time in one’s life. As future physicians, I believe that one of our roles will be to guide our patients into this journey of death so that when their time comes, they don’t leave with pain and suffering. This role certainly shouldn’t involve running away because we ourselves can’t deal with the thought of death or saying goodbye to a patient we may have become attached to. In their end, it shouldn’t all be about us.

He Was My Textbook

Written by Murtaza Bharmal ’17
He was my textbook, my study guide, my door into the realm of the marvelous intricacies of human anatomy—his anatomy. What served him 93 years now served me my purpose, to understand, at the basic physiological level, how we function.