Global Health Student Interest Group helps Students Prepare for Experiences Abroad

Written by Taylor Goller ’16
Since starting school last fall it’s been amazing to me how willing, and even eager, so many students are to add more commitments and responsibilities on top of the already rigorous academic course load. In many ways, I think the student interest groups and other organizations help to balance the unfortunate monotony of the classroom and to maintain perspective on the ultimate goals of medical education, namely the support of humanity.

Reflections on Anatomy Lab

Written by Janel Feliz Martir ’16
Last year, as a first-year medical student, I resected a tumor the size of a roasted chicken from a 76 year-old man who had died of metastatic lung cancer. The tumor arose from the body of a man whose name I did not know, a man who had graciously donated his body for the advancement of my medical education.

At the Forefront of Medical Education: The AAMC National Meeting

Written by Priyanka Chilakamarri ’16
7:00AM. The city of Philadelphia was slowly waking up to its morning bustle as we approached the expansive convention center. A green banner triumphantly displayed “Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)” across the hall while our name badges on the table below announced “The University of Vermont College of Medicine.” We were finally here, in a sea of prim suits and intermingling conversations, representing our school in a national forum of ideas.