Not Far Enough?

Written by Gabriel Edwards and David Mealiea ’15
The following blog post, titled “Not Far Enough?”, is an opinion piece that first appeared in the Perspectives section of The New Physician . The authors argue that health care for all is an “economic and moral necessity.” Mealiea’s co-author, Gabriel Edwards, is a second-year student at Oregon Health and Science University.

Prenatal Health Across Cultures at the Community Health Center of Burlington

Written by Sarah Gardner ’15
“The baby is in my stomach, so what I eat, the baby eats,” the interpreter translated for us. Emily and I looked at each other. How do you explain the concept of a uterus and placenta to someone who became a mother at age 12, was pulled out of school in the second grade, and literally watches her stomach grow every time she gets pregnant? Thinking the baby is in the stomach makes so much more sense than imaginary organs.

The Ultimate Lesson in Humanism

Written by Kelly Gardner ’14
Two days before my AI started, my father became critically ill. I had to navigate these murky waters while being hours away from my family, taking care of cancer patients and their families. There were days that seemed impossible, but it gave me the ability to truly understand what my patients and their families were going through.