The Ultimate Lesson in Humanism

Written by Kelly Gardner ’14
Two days before my AI started, my father became critically ill. I had to navigate these murky waters while being hours away from my family, taking care of cancer patients and their families. There were days that seemed impossible, but it gave me the ability to truly understand what my patients and their families were going through.

Schweitzer Fellows & Art Making at Northern Lights

Written by Janel Feliz Martir ’16
To be an artist is to be an agent of change – becoming and being a subject rather than an object. This philosophy is at the heart of the Art Activity Group, a weekly elective art class offered to the residents of Northern Nights, a support home for women transitioning from incarceration into life in Chittenden county.

Strength, Resolve and a “Bedazzled Tuxedo”: Graduating Medical School in Zimbabwe

Written by Adam Ackerman ’14
Every medical student makes sacrifices and faces some form of adversity to become a doctor. Whatever sacrifice I made to get to this point pales in comparison to the imposed hardships this entire class was forced to tolerate. I honestly don’t know if I would have made it through under these circumstances. It’s hard to imagine the daily inconvenience and uncertainty they faced, but the strength and resolve the class has shown is a common theme I’ve found in the more inhospitable corners of the world. Whether it’s Haiti or Guatemala or Zimbabwe, people endure.