“Incredible Members of our Community:” Disability Awareness Day

Written by Cordelia Ross ’16
To me, advocacy means speaking up when I hear someone using insensitive language. Advocacy means assuming competence in my interactions with all patients, regardless of their physical appearance, and encouraging my colleagues to do the same. Advocacy means serving as an ally to those with disabilities and their families and working to reduce the stigma and discrimination that they so often encounter.

My First Patient, The Storyteller

Written by Janel Feliz Martir ’16
As I close my locker door, I feel as if I’m leaving behind the trappings of my student self: my laptop with all my notes, my papers etched with messy anatomical drawings and my colored pens. I take a deep breath. This is the real thing, I think as I walk away from my locker, slowly making my way to the coffee kiosk in the hospital lobby where my group will meet.