Health Policy

Weighing the Costs: Why Investing in Preventative Health Matters

Written by Anna Lidofsky ’20
I have a friend at the Vermont Department of Health who studies unintentional injuries and violence as a leading cause of morbidity. She was talking to me the other day about how there is a tendency to overlook the importance of preventative health measures, likely because such policies are the victim of their own success. No one gives the Centers for Disease Control a pat on the back for preventing a seasonal flu outbreak. I am reminded of her wise words as I consider the new Congress and Administration’s aim to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a policy under which 30 million Americans are insured. I feel it is my duty to join others in taking a stand to support the policies I think will protect the health care needs of our patients.

Transformation in U.S. Health Care: Be Part of the Change

Written by Omar Khan, M.D.’03
Today’s medical students enter a world full of possibility. It will be informed by the best evidence, not just from medicine but from public health, anthropology, and the social sciences. Our models will be informed by best practices from across the globe. This evolving medical model – available now at a primary care practice near you! – will allow you to do the right thing, get rewarded for doing the most difficult work, and go into the specialty you dreamed of, not the one you felt you had to for your student loans.