Posts regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which started in 2019/2020.

Posts highlight the changes, innovations, and adjustments made to and in medical education, graduate education, medicine, science, and research during and in light of the ongoing pandemic and often tell the personal stories of faculty, staff, medical students, graduate students, and alumni who have played and continue to play an active role on the front line of the response.

Rebekah Honce poses for a photo in the UVM Larner Med Medical Education building on the Larner Med Vermont campus.

From the Lab Bench: Understanding Viruses & Vaccines

Rebekah Honce, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral fellow in the UVM Larner College of Medicine’s Department of Medicine, who is currently conducting research in the laboratory of Professor of Medicine Jason Botten, Ph.D.

In the following blog post, Honce writes about her laboratory research on viruses, how viruses behave, and the challenges of achieving vaccine effectiveness.

Photo collage of Dr. Yves Dubief, Dr. Emily Bruce, and Dr. Benjamin Lee

COVID-19, Omicron, Masking, & More: We Asked 3 Experts to Weigh-In

It’s been 25+ months since SARS-CoV-2 began its march across the globe and in the time since, multiple variants have arisen that have posed enormous challenges to both medical and public health responses. Most recently, Omicron has once again completely altered the pandemic landscape.

The speed with which Omicron rose to prominence, rapidly overtaking the Delta variant, prompted a series of new questions, like why it is so much more transmissible than previous variants? And how can individuals continue to protect themselves against symptomatic infection, severe  illness, and death?

Recently, we asked a group of experts at the University of Vermont (UVM) to answer some of these questions for us.