Posts that are topical for incoming or current Neuroscience PhD students.

Graduate School is Tough. But You Can Do It! Here’s How

Many grad students are tempted to choose a lab based on focal research topic, at the expense of a mentor and environment that meets their needs. I cannot overstate how much your mentor and lab environment will affect your daily life and future career. They can be the difference between a good and bad day and they are the primary contributors to your development as an early scientist.
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The Importance of Science Communication

Katharine Beca (Tooke)Written by Katharine Beca (Tooke)
If you think of science communication like a pipeline, there are many ways that information gets lost when going from the lab bench to the public. This seems obvious, especially living through the COVID-19 pandemic – which the World Health Organization has referred to as an “infodemic.”
In my opinion, there are three main pitfalls that contribute to leaks in the science communication pipeline.
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