Welcome to UVM Medicine

John Brumsted, M.D., left, Leah Fox. Class of 2016 White Coat CeremonyWhat’s it like in anatomy lab? How does it feel to put on a white coat for the first time? When was that moment when you knew you made a difference in the life of a patient? Welcome to the uvmmedicine blog, a place for students to share with their peers, mentors, family and friends insights (both large and small) about their experiences during the four years of medical school. Here in the Office of Medical Communications we meet amazing students and hear their great stories all of the time – we share them in our publications, and on the College’s website. But we realized that also having a space where students talk about the personal and the professional experiences – in their own voices – would be a valuable addition to our College community. From first-year to fourth-year and beyond, the uvmmedicine blog will be chronicling the experiences of our students as they go through the process of becoming doctors.

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